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Self Love Kit is filled with:

  • A Dose of Self Love Book 
  • A Dose of Self Love Deck 
  • Amethyst Tower (3-4") 
  • Sage Bundle (5") 


Self-Love is not selfish, it’s necessary!


The expression of curiosity, a regard for one's own well-being and progression towards discovering the authentic self are all behaviors that reflect a healthy representation of Self-Love


It’s the discovering of Self that ultimately unlocks these portals to aid in ones ascension. Self-love will mean something different for each person, because we all have many different ways of nurturing and taking care of ourselves. With this realization, we begin to notice the flexibility in the customization. It’s time for a Dose of Self-Love!


This Self-Love Kit provides you with a stunning affirmation deck that is vibrant, packed with intuitively guided prompts and is beautifully illustrated to help you connect inwardly to your intuition. A Dose of Self-Love the book which is filled with Interactive Activities, prompts and reflections, meant to explore a variety of and creative ways to strengthen the love for yourself.


A Self-Love Kit would not be complete without a bundle of freshly dried sage and a Amethyst  Tower Crystal meant to aid in protection, healing, and purifying.


This kit serves as a meaningful and cosmic gift for not only you, buy for anyone at any level on this journey towards discovering the authentic and ever evolving self.


2.0 Self Love Kit

SKU: 2.0 SLK
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