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Cosmic Byron

Welcome to Shift Academy home of Cosmic Byron, a trauma-informed coach and speaker who is passionate about empowering individuals to discover their authentic selves, embrace their unique identities, and lead purposeful lives. With a background in Neurobiology, Neuroscience, Human Cognition, and Behavior, Cosmic's dedication to research and analysis has fueled his ability to make a positive impact.


• Cosmic innerstands the struggles of feeling lost, alone, and disconnected. Having personally endured adversity, including adoption, the hardships of war, and growing up without a father, he has triumphed over these obstacles and gained profound insights. He shares these lessons to guide his clients on their own transformative journeys.


• If you're seeking guidance to break through transitional phases, discover your authentic self, and step into your power, Cosmic is the perfect guide for you. His transformative coaching approach will empower you to overcome self-limiting beliefs, embrace personal growth, and prioritize happiness in your life.

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